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26-Oct-2016 05:36

The entire GUID can optionally be enclosed in matching braces or parentheses: dddddddd-dddd-dddd-dddd-dddddddddddd -or- -or- (dddddddd-dddd-dddd-dddd-dddddddddddd) -or- Groups of 8, 4, and 4 digits, and a subset of eight groups of 2 digits, with each group prefixed by "0x" or "0X", and separated by commas. The digits shown in a group are the maximum number of meaningful digits that can appear in that group.

The entire GUID, as well as the subset, is enclosed in matching braces: All braces, commas, and "0x" prefixes are required. You can specify from 1 to the number of digits shown for a group.

Heck, discussions like this are why I joined a software development company in the first place. Performance was a complete non-issue in this particular scenario.

I certainly learned a few things about GUIDs I didn't know.

function validates the above GUID although it isn’t valid.

Now, let’s try the second function that uses the validation script and parse method: No error, all GUIDs are valid.

You could count the sections and see how many characters are in each but why bother.

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Just when we thought it was over, a fellow developer whipped out a code snippet that benchmarks how long it takes to validate GUIDs via each method: According to this, constructor validation is 3 to 4 times faster than the regex.. I immediately noticed a few problems that made this a rather questionable benchmark.

I would rather do just the check which removes the coupling:private static readonly Regex guid Pattern = new Regex(@"^(\)$", Regex Options.

A String that contains a GUID in one of the following formats ('d' represents a hexadecimal digit whose case is ignored): 32 contiguous digits: dddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd -or- Groups of 8, 4, 4, 4, and 12 digits with hyphens between the groups.

Now you are ready to reuse two existing record modules from the Ranorex Module Browser View.

You can simply drag and drop items from the module browser into the test case or you can add new or existing items using the context menu as shown.

Within the following lesson you will learn about: Using the project created during the lessons 1 through 3 you can now create a new test case based on the existing modules.

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