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09-Aug-2016 19:22

, we thought we'd take this opportunity to check in with the show's stars. We know Chuck and Blair had a kid, and Dan and Serena got hitched. Yesterday in "Bates Motel", Rihanna and co-star Austin Nichols had some racy scene which made Rihanna drink tequila while watching.SCIENCE "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3's release is delayed and there are countless speculations as to why it is being pushed back.TM: We write for ourselves, we really don’t think of an audience or having — who knows if it’s even going to come out. You just try to write something that’s good and makes you feel good, and is quality. BP: Who is Garth Brooks alter ego [Chris Gaines] when he went on ‘SNL’ and he had the black haircut?When you write something good there’s no better feeling. You put it out into the ether and see what happens. I don’t have some alter ego and some other name like, I’m going to get into this zone now. TM: I know who you’re talking about, drawing a blank. Not that Garth Brooks isn’t an amazing songwriter in his own right. Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips from The Pretty Reckless with us on the show. Of course celebrating the success of this latest record, ‘Going to Hell’ and the No.Gossip Girl is a little secret I share with most women of my acquaintance.

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After seeing what the cast of One Tree Hill look like 4 years after the American TV drama ended, we decided to check out what the cast of Gossip Girl are doing these days.An unknown evil being who plans to sacrifice the children of New Orleans, including Hope (Summer Fontana).

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