Ex piration dating antibiotics

12-Oct-2016 18:44

Antibiotics have to be all taken as prescribed bc the bacteria will evolve and be resistant to the antibiotic if it is exposed to just enough to cure symptoms, if all is taken the bacteria is killed. There are very few reasons to have any type of penicillin "leftover" or in storage. your age doesnt matter if you did the research and it was sweet for you to try to help.You SHOULD finish ALL penicillin that is prescribed to you for the exact reason that Steph (#13 above states) .. So many kids your age worry abou nothing but video games...Liquid drugs include oral suspensions and solutions and injectable products.

Liquid medications that are mixed by the pharmacist, including most liquid antibiotics, have a short shelf life.

As pills get older, it’s fair to ask two questions about them: Do they lose their strength, and do they become toxic or harmful?

There is little evidence that outdated medications are toxic or harmful.

However, some drugs do lose their potency, or effectiveness, over time.

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The most notable is nitroglycerin, which should be replaced every six months.

If it was left in the original packaging, there will be a stamped date from the manufacturer.

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